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On the basis of her own healing (she had a tumor) and her wisdom as councellor for health (NLP, nutrition etc. ) Brandon Bays designed in the late 90s this body-mind-spirit process.

The Journey is used by now in many different countries of the world in a variety of healingareas: schools, clinics, selfhealinggroups for cancer , depression etc., addictioncenters and accompany of dying people. It`s a selfdiscoveryprocess led by your own bodywisdom . In a relaxed state, you travel in your deeper awareness beyond everydayconsciousness to bodylayers where undissolved memories are hidden. Awareness opens the gateway for discorvering and transformation, to experience source as the essence of endless wisdom, stillness, Grace....

Insights of scientist like Dr. Deepak Chopra or Dr. Candace Pert (author of “ Molecules and emotions” and in the film “What the bleep do we know”) confirm, that emotions and memories are stored in our cells. A change is possible by working with the intelligencefield of the body, in a fluid healthy awareness. Read more about scientific researches and the background of the work in Brandon Bays book The Journey. Recommended for working with children: The Journey for kids.

In Freiheit leben, Brandons 2. book is an expression of expanding possibilities of healing for body, mind and spirit. We can free our potential, grow and open up for the great mystery of creation- this is possible to experience in every second of our lives and have initiated support in a one-to-one session.


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