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The Method

For kids it happens in a way of a phantasy adventure or a experienced intense fairytale and takes 30-50 min.
For teens and adults either as emotional journey: while in a relaxed state of awareness the healing process is initiated by welcoming all emotions. Empowered by acceptance we travel through several layers of emotions to Source: new free possibilities arise and clearing old issues takes part in a campfire process (i.e. speaking out what you didn’t dare before!) until you feel ready to forgive. Real Forgiveness is a real key to freedom and you become free to be true… and find creative visions for your future steps. (1h-2,5h)

Or more specialised for bodyproblems Physical journey: Your own bodywisdom guides on the path of deeper insights where unconscious issues(even beliefsystem) are hidden. Acknowledgement and awareness allow a healingprocess with new possibilities and profound encouragement. So up to the level of cellstructures a healthy change can take part. (1h-2h)

These processes fit well to one another if you really want to free your potential.

Deepening possibilities:

The described processes as above are the basic and you can dive in even deeper in different aspects focussing in many aspects:


 here we look especially for secret saboteurs that might have intrigued our success in life in relationships, profession, health, wellbeing or money.
Lifesenseprocess: to encover old beliefsystems and behaviorpattterns opens the pathway for real extraordinary changes. This intense process helps to find answers with your own bodywisdom for the core questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What specific gifts do I bring?
Designerjourney: is a combination of the physical and emotional Journey: individually designed with special deepening steps in order to realize and release complex storages/blackages in cell memories.
NO EGO: this is working for the discovering of behaviorpatterns like fixations, for example perfectionism, which keep us away from effortless pure being.





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